Report: Connecticut ranks dead last in taxpayer burden

September 28, 2021

The Center Square

By Brent Addleman

(The Center Square) – Taxpayers in the Constitution State have the highest tax burden in the country, according to a new report on the state’s financial health.

Truth in Accounting (TIA), a nonprofit organization that has been collecting data on the financial health of states for more than a decade, released its annual State of the States report Tuesday showing that taxpayers in Connecticut have a taxpayer burden of $62,500 each, ranking dead last in the country.

The organization compiled the report by evaluating state governments on their state’s debt versus state revenue.

Connecticut, which ranked 48th last year, has a total debt of $79.6 billion, according to TIA’s calculations, as the debt burden increased by more than $10 billion. According to TIA, the state’s financial standing worsened by 18% during the pandemic.

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