Sema4 was a hot CT startup. Then came COVID, state contracts — and a boost from Annie Lamont’s firm

November 22, 2021

CT Mirror

By Dave Altimari, Erica E. Phillips and Katy Golvala

Gov. Lamont issued a written statement through his spokesman: “The State of Connecticut had a choice in March and April of 2020: sit back and let the Trump administration — which at the time was describing this global pandemic as ‘the flu’ and was notoriously inept in its response — dictate the state’s future when it came to testing and understanding the spread of the virus. Or, at a time of national crisis, when states were competing against each other for tests, masks, and resources in order to contain COVID, take our fate into our own hands by utilizing testing capacity within our state’s borders — all through an independent selection process and executed through an independent committee.”

While Annie Lamont’s venture capital firm may have benefited from Sema4’s COVID-testing contract with the state, there is no evidence the governor violated any state ethics rules.

​Based on written guidance provided to the Lamonts by the Office of State Ethics, as well as an interview with the agency’s executive director, the Sema4 contract posed no conflict of interest under state law on the part of the governor or first lady.

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