Kevin Rennie: We have a right to know everything about Annie Lamont’s connection to a company that…

November 26, 2021

The Hartford Courant

By Kevin Rennie

Gov. Ned Lamont can be careless with the words he chooses. He described Connecticut to a Washington audience as “a small landlocked state” in 2019. A couple of weeks ago the Greenwich Democrat did not seem to know if he’d created a reelection committee under state law.

Lamont can be inattentive to the meaning of his words — except when he is not. And he is not when the Lamonts’ vast fortune makes its way into public view. The governor provided an example of that care when he addressed the intersection of his wife Ann Huntress Lamont’s venture capitalist firm’s investment in Sema4, a company with a state contract for COVID-19 testing.

The rich can be sensitive about public discussions of their wealth. Ned Lamont has spent $50 million on three campaigns for statewide office. He finally won one in 2018. I offer this in the kindest possible way: Ned Lamont’s political gifts are not so obvious that anyone could be certain he would have won the state’s highest office without all that money to spend on the pursuit. Lamont’s fortune put him in the game and kept him there.

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