Here’s why electric bills will go up next year

December 1, 2021

Fox 61

By Matt Caron

BERLIN, Conn. — From the price of a turkey or Christmas tree to the price you pay to heat your home and keep the lights on. It’s all going up! And unfortunately, people’s paychecks are not nearly as inflated as the economy.

On Tuesday, Eversource reminded customers that in a month from now, electric bills will be increasing by 21% on Jan. 1. The reminder was sent via email to customers.

“Our suppliers – the generators. They are charging more for the natural gas they need and they are passing along the charges to us and we pass it along to our customers. These are pass-through costs. The supply costs, we don’t make any profit. There’s no mark up on this whatsoever,” explained Eversource Spokesman Mitch Gross.

Suppliers use natural gas to generate electricity, so when natural gas goes up, so does electricity.

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