Opinion: Stefanowski drops income-tax talk, gains ground

December 9, 2021

The CT Post

By Chris Powell

Bob Stefanowski last week clinched next year’s Republican nomination for governor for a rematch against Ned Lamont.

Stefanowski did it by jumping on news coverage of the connections between the governor’s wife, Ann, an investment banker, and two companies that have gotten patronage from the Lamont administration — one a lucrative emergency no-bid contract, the other a $5 million grant for relocating from New York to Stamford.

Stefanowski did not accuse the Lamonts of corruption but rather a lack of transparency about the business connections, and there was substance to the criticism. Whereupon the governor obligingly forgot the first rule of politics — never let them see you sweat — and got upset and petulant in public about Stefanowski’s criticism, thereby calling more attention to it and recognizing Stefanowski as leader of the opposition.

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