POWELL: Stefanowski gets specific and Democrats freak out

January 6, 2022

The Bristol Press

By Chris Powell

When Bob Stefanowski was the Republican nominee for governor two years ago, he was mocked by Democrats for being light on the issues – for advocating repeal of the state income tax without specifying how to reduce government spending. Even so Stefanowski came within 40,000 votes of winning the election – a matter of failing to change only 20,000 minds – and he seems inclined to run again.

With an essay in The Wall Street Journal last week, “What Isn’t the Matter with Hartford?,” Stefanowski wrote about what’s wrong in the capital city’s government and state government generally, and he specified some policy alternatives. Whereupon Democrats around the state went apoplectic, denouncing Stefanowski personally but never confronting the issues he raised.

Two years ago the Democrats wanted specifics from Stefanowski. The ones he gave them last weekend seemed to wound them deeply. Stefanowski cited Hartford’s long decline – in population, business, education, crime, personal income, health, capitulation to municipal employee unions, unfunded pensions, and high property taxes. It was a diagnosis few would argue with, not just in regard to Hartford but to all Connecticut’s cities. Indeed, Democrats themselves often cite most elements of Stefanowski’s diagnosis when they seek more money for cities.

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