Stefanowski Announces Candidacy, Willingness to ‘Ruffle a Few Feathers’

January 19, 2022

The Connecticut Examiner

By Steve Jensen

Calling himself a political outsider who will “ruffle a few feathers,” Madison Republican Bob Stefanowski on Wednesday declared his candidacy for the Governor in a possible rematch of the race that he lost to Democrat Ned Lamont in 2018.

“People in Connecticut are not asking for a lot,” Stefanowski said in a long-expected announcement that sets up a potential rematch between the wealthy, self-funded businessmen. “They want to be safe, to trust that state government is being open and accountable, and to be able to afford to live, work, and retire here. Unfortunately, these are not the priorities of the current state leadership, who continue to serve the political insiders more than they do the people they represent.”

State Democrats quickly jumped on the announcement by declaring that Stefanowski’s positions on guns, taxation, and even former President Trump make him “too extreme” to lead Connecticut.

“The contrast is incredibly clear,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo. “While Governor Lamont is leading our state out of a global health crisis, fixing our budget, and supporting businesses big and small, Bob Stefanowski has an extreme agenda that would take our state backwards.”