Stefanowski Responds to Lamont State of the State

February 8, 2022

Madison, CT– Today, Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, released the following statement in response to Governor Lamont’s address to the legislature:

“Governor Lamont has completely lost touch with the issues facing the residents of Connecticut. Optimism is important, but it also needs to be based in reality.” said Stefanowski. “At a time when inflation is the highest it’s been in forty years, gas and energy prices continue to rise and crime is out of control, Connecticut residents are hurting more than almost any other state in the country, and the Governor touts budget surpluses while he fails to even scratch the surface of offering relief to families, residents and small businesses.”

“I agree with the Governor that people need property tax relief, but they needed it three years ago when he took office, not just now when he’s looking for their votes again,” said Stefanowski. “People see through these election year gimmicks. They know better. Ned Lamont promised them $400 million in property tax relief and it wasn’t until eight months before an election he even attempted to do anything about it.”

“The Governor’s words about public safety and the crime crisis in our communities do not match the fact that he’s ignored the voices of victim’s, local leaders, parents and educators who have begged him to take this on for months,” said Stefanowski. “The theme of the Governor’s speech today is that with eight months to go until the Election, he’s decided to join the conversation happening at kitchen tables across Connecticut for the last three years.”

“What was shockingly missing from Governor Lamont’s address was addressing the federal corruption investigation at the highest levels of the Lamont Administration,” added Stefanowski. “The Governor did nothing to provide the people of Connecticut any transparency about what’s been happening on his watch. This is what two years of unchecked, total power looks like.”