Stefanowski Calls for Immediate Investigation into Allegations of Discrimination in Lamont Administration

February 9, 2022

Madison, CT– Today, Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, calls for immediate investigation into allegations of discrimination in the Lamont Administration:

“Either the Governor is unaware of how his Administration is being run, or he is aware and is complicit in these behaviors, but neither is acceptable. The central question is what did the Governor know, and when did he know it?” said Stefanowski. “The Governor himself said there isn’t enough oversight, but fails to recognize that oversight is his responsibility.”

“Two of the Governor’s top appointees have made accusations or insinuations that they were mistreated because of their gender and or their race,” said Stefanowski. “This is egregious and the Governor has yet to step forward and answer for it.”

“The Governor should immediately convene an independent investigation to address the claims of discrimination and bias within his own Administration, and fully disclose the findings to the public within sixty days,” said Stefanowski. “The Governor should be transparent with any and all communications he’s had as part of that investigation.”

“These are serious allegations and they merit serious action,” said Stefanowski. “Anything less is a disservice to the employees involved, and the taxpayers who deserve to know how their state is being run.”