Stefanowski Responds to Ongoing Investigation Embroiling Lamont Administration

February 9, 2022

Madison, CT– Today, Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, released the following statement regarding the ongoing investigation embroiling Governor Lamont and his administration:

“Governor Lamont has extended his emergency authorities six times to circumvent the normal checks and balances of good government for almost two years now. This has allowed him to hide from the public an administration that is spiraling out of control.

In just the last week, we’ve learned of a federal corruption investigation at the highest levels of the the Lamont Administration; attempts by Lamont officials to plan state trooper classes based on the Election calendar not around safety needs; allegations of public contracts and high paying jobs awarded to friends and family, and now accusations of retaliation and unhealthy work environments among the Governor’s top staff and direct reports.

This is what happens when weak leadership is combined with a poor culture and a lax code of ethics. Governor Lamont claims we need more oversight when, as head of our state government, he is precisely the person responsible for this oversight. That is his job.

Connecticut residents deserve better. We need bold action now, to strengthen Connecticut’s code of ethics so that no public official can profit from taxpayer funded projects. The Governor must restore funding to watchdog agencies like the State Contracting Board to provide the proper oversight. We must also audit the $6.0 billion of federal money our state received for COVID relief. And finally, Governor Lamont and his administration should immediately disclose any other conflicts of interest, abuses of power or other ethical breaches that have not yet been made public.”