Stefanowski: What Did Lamont Know, and When Did He Know It

February 10, 2022

Madison, CT– Today, Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, reacts to reports of contract steering and corruption at the highest levels of Governor Lamont’s Administration:

“I have zero tolerance for this type of ethical malfeasance. I’m appalled and outraged at the breach of public faith. I want to hear from them (commissioners) exactly what we’re doing hiring and holding people accountable.”

Governor Ned Lamont February 3, 2022

“If Governor Lamont claims to have zero tolerance for ethical malfeasance, he should immediately disclose what he knows about these corruption charges and when he became aware of them, rather than waiting to be asked by federal investigators. The people of Connecticut deserve to know.

“If the answer is that he didn’t know, that’s a problem; if he did know and did nothing about it, then it’s an even bigger problem – neither answer is acceptable.”

“Governor Lamont owes the people of Tolland and the residents of Connecticut an explanation,” said Stefanowski. “His Administration is clearly out of touch with the expectations and trust the people of Connecticut have placed in them, and it is why I will complete audits of every government agency to find every instance of waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars, strengthen our ethics laws to ensure no public official can financially benefit from public contracts, and disclose any ethical breached immediately.”