Stefanowski Responds to Departure of Melissa McCaw from Lamont Administration

February 24, 2022

Madison, CT– Today, Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, responds to the departure of the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (OPM):

“The departure of Governor Lamont’s OPM Secretary should not signal an end to the ongoing scandal and investigation,” said Stefanowski. “We don’t yet know the full extent of corruption within the Lamont Administration, but as the people who pay their salaries, Connecticut residents have a right to know.”

“The Governor needs to explain why his Administration moved school construction to OPM in the first place,” said Stefanowski. “He at least needs to take accountability for his role in this situation.”

“I fully support the call by Republican leaders in the legislature to fulfill their oversight obligation and investigate the Lamont Administration for the serious allegations of corruption,” said Stefanowski. “The dismissal by the Democrat legislative leaders shows the problem with one-Party Democrat control of Connecticut.”

“The Governor himself believes that the growing scandal surrounding his Administration is merely a ‘distraction’,” said Stefanowski. “These are top officials appointed directly by Governor Lamont, who oversee billions of dollars in state funds, it is hard to comprehend how Governor Lamont can view a federal investigation into his Administration as a ‘distraction’.”

“Setting a culture of accountability and holding your appointees responsible for their actions is critical to good governance,” said Stefanowski. “This is about the public trust. This is about transparency. This is about Connecticut taxpayers who work day in and day out for every dollar they have, too much of which is paid to the State of Connecticut. Governor Lamont is the elected official solely responsible for the actions of his appointees, and the legislature absolutely should step in to provide the proper level of oversight that the Governor has been unwilling to provide.”