Republican lawmakers call for bi-partisan investigation into school construction contracts

February 25, 2022

EyeWitness News

By Susan Raff

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – State Republicans are calling for a formal investigation into school construction projects after pushing for public hearings on how the contracts were awarded.

They want a bi-partisan investigation like the state hasn’t seen since Governor Rowland.

There are a lot more questions than answers in an unfolding scandal over school construction contracts.

“We are calling for a bi-partisan commission,” said Representative Vincent Candelora (R – Minority Leader).

There’s already a federal investigation but Republicans want lawmakers to weigh in on how school projects were awarded by Governor Lamont’s top administrators.

At the center is Kostas Diamantis. He was fired and his boss OPM Secretary Melissa McCaw is on the hot seat for what she knew.

House republicans say there are more than 50 school projects totaling well over a billion dollars that go back to 2018.

The Feds are investigating whether any of these no bid contracts involve corruption or favoritism.

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