Stefanowski Calls on Attorney General to Investigate Allegations of Discriminatory Treatment by the Lamont Administration

March 2, 2022

Madison, CT- Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, calls on Attorney General Tong to immediately launch an investigation into allegations of potentially discriminatory treatment of top appointees by the Lamont Administration.

Citing Public Act No. 21-128, which the Attorney General has touted as solidifying his authority to investigate allegations that an individual’s civil rights are being violated and initiate legal proceedings, Stefanowski is requesting on behalf of the people of Connecticut, that Attorney General Tong immediately investigate the administration’s treatment of former Office of Policy and Management Secretary Melissa McCaw.

“Attorney General Tong has said that he is the people’s lawyer ‘responsible for using the law to fight in civil cases for the rights, freedoms, and interests of Connecticut’s people and its government,’ said Stefanowski. “Given that role, how can the Attorney General not be alarmed and shaken by the statements that have emerged in recent weeks about the treatment of former OPM Secretary McCaw and former DPH Commissioner Renée Coleman-Mitchell?” said Stefanowski.

“These are serious allegations and warrant serious attention,” Stefanowski wrote in his letter to the Attorney General. “The Governor of our state must be held to the highest standards. The alleged actions of this Governor’s closest advisors, who report directly to him, must be addressed. There must be accountability for any mistreatment of any person in the workplace, including the public servants and workers who serve our state and its people.”

“The people of Connecticut deserve a government that holds its leaders accountable with thorough investigation of such alarming claims. As the people’s lawyer, I hope you agree with me and initiate an investigation immediately,” Stefanowski concluded in his letter.