Stefanowski: Lamont reneging on millions of dollars in funding to municipalities because of corruption within his own Administration

March 6, 2022

Madison, CT- Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, responds to Finance, Revenue and Bonding and Education Committees Joint Informational Forum on the State’s School Construction Program:

“Leaders need to lead and not blame others for their lack of oversight. It was startling to hear the Lamont Administration looking to displace blame and responsibility onto municipalities, many of whom have come out publicly stating that top level officials in the Lamont Administration forced them to use certain contractors in school construction projects,” said Stefanowski. “Claiming the towns have ultimate authority over school construction decisions while they’re being pressured by the state to pick certain vendors, and then pulling funding for these projects, not only misplaces blame, it punishes our communities in need rather than holding the Lamont officials responsible.”

“Governor Lamont is reneging on millions of dollars in funding to municipalities because of corruption within his own Administration,” said Stefanowski. “Now municipalities who are struggling to make budgets whole while avoiding property tax hikes that impact their communities are left to figure out how to fund school construction because the Governor left them high and dry.”

“Completely legitimate questions were asked by a Democrat State Representative regarding who was supervising Deputy OPM Secretary Diamantis, but the Representative’s questions were said to be out of order by Lamont Administration officials as well as the Democrats leading the forum,” said Stefanowski. “This is why we need an immediate and complete investigation by the legislature to answer the pressing questions of how this abuse of the public trust was allowed to happen.”

“If legislators cannot even get their legitimate questions answered by this Administration, it begs for broader authority and oversight by the Legislature,” said Stefanowski. “This Governor has consistently dodged the question about who in his Administration is making decisions, about who authorized the transfer of school construction out of the Department of Administrative Services and over to OPM, and why his Deputy Secretary at OPM was let go,” said Stefanowski. “We’re talking about potentially billions of dollars in taxpayer funds that may have been corrupted, and this Administration has been less than forthcoming with answers.”