Bob Stefanowski rested, relaxed and restless for a rematch with Lamont

March 10, 2022

The Day

By David Collins

I thought last week that Connecticut Democrats might need to scramble to Code Blue and rustle up a new gubernatorial candidate, as the flames of scandal continue to creep up the trousers of Gov. Ned Lamont’s expensive suits.

But then this week I met Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski for the first time, and I came away convinced that Democrats’ best hope to win in November is to quickly recruit a new candidate for governor.

Not only does Stefanowski seem to be a much better prepared candidate this year, but he also has a lot of wind at his back, the benefit of the growing Lamont scandals.

By this summer, as Stefanowski fills Connecticut airwaves with advertising from his promised $10 million self-funded campaign, high-ranking refugees from the Lamont administration could be raising their hands and entering pleas in Superior Court.

I should say up front here that I desperately want to vote for a Democrat for governor in November, almost any Democrat besides Lamont, who, it seems to me, is a Democrat in name only.

And yet I found Stefanowski surprisingly refreshing, as he calmly whacked away at Lamont and his record, the governor’s lack of transparency, his blind eye toward ethics and the two high-ranking minority women in his administration, now gone, who claimed they were victims of discrimination.

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