Capitol Report: Republican candidate for governor targeting moms to win election

March 18, 2022

WTNH News 8

By Jon Rosen

(WTNH) – The saying goes in politics, “If you can win over the moms, you can win an election.” Well, that might not entirely be true, but it is a strategy that Bob Stefanowski’s team would like to try and capitalize on this November.

The hashtag “Moms for Bob” is a real thing and Stefanowski himself is jumping all over this on social media, going after the moderates writing: “Put party labels aside. If you’re a Connecticut Mom who is concerned about affordability, inflation, gas prices, crime, or government overreach, join Moms for Bob today!”

As for Stefanowski and the GOP, we are less than two months away from the party convention and we haven’t seen or heard anyone announce they are going to jump into the race for Lt. Governor. It appears Stefanowski won’t be challenged in a primary, so could he have a running mate in mind?

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