Bob Stefanowski, Laura Devlin on the July 1 Diesel Tax Hike

July 1, 2022

Branford, CT– Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor, and Laura Devlin, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, each toured the state today to meet with voters about the newly implemented higher diesel fuel tax.

“Inflation is already costing Connecticut families over $650 each month. Governor Lamont had a chance to do something to stop it but he didn’t,” said Stefanowski. “This Biden/Lamont inflation crisis is costing you 40% more. Ned Lamont is leaving Connecticut with crumbs. Today, he’s jacking up your taxes, and raising costs on everything, by increasing the diesel tax by 23%. It’s now nearly 50 cents per gallon!”

Today, Bob Stefanowski and Laura Devlin spoke with neighbors and families who are struggling under Biden/Lamont inflation to explain that there is an alternative.

 “The prices we are all paying at the pump, the grocery store, and everywhere else do not lie. While Lamont is claiming he has cut Connecticut’s taxes, we are being forced to choose between life necessities. Businesses are being forced to pass on these inflationary operational costs onto consumers. We have a plan to lead Connecticut towards affordability and provide real relief to every Connecticut family and business. As you watch your household and company bills add up, remember that you have a choice this November.” said Devlin.  

In June, Bob Stefanowski and Laura Devlin shared their Plan to Immediately Relieve Inflation Costs:

  • Reduce the sales tax from 6.35% to 5.99%
  • Eliminate Governor Lamont’s 1.0% tax on food
  • Suspend Excise and Gross Receipts Tax on Gasoline through December 31st
  • Suspend Diesel Tax through December 31st
  • Cancel Governor Lamont’s Highway Use Tax (Truck Tax)
  • Pay Down Balance of the Unemployment Insurance to stop the over $400 million tax on small business