Bob Stefanowski Releases Plan for Small Businesses

July 26, 2022

Plainville, CT– Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, today joined Carrier Home Builders, Inc. in Plainville to share his plan to provide real relief and support to Connecticut’s Small Businesses.

“Connecticut is ranked as one of the least friendly states to do business. CNBC just gave CT’s economy an F rating. Small business owners are struggling with rampant inflation. And Governor Lamont’s only solution is for these business owners to take on even more debt – while he sits on a $4.3 Billion surplus? Governor Lamont is completely out of touch with people’s suffering. My plan offers real tax relief now and a tangible road to recovery – and still leaves the governor with $3.8 Billion to spare,” said Stefanowski.

John Carrier, of Carrier Home Builders added, “As a second generation builder, I am very aware of how expensive it is to build and run a business in Connecticut. Our company very seriously considered moving the business south because of the increasing challenges we face here in Connecticut – especially over the past two years. Everything is more expensive: not just wood but all supplies including doors, lighting, everything.”

Bob Stefanowski’s Plan for Small Businesses includes a 2 pronged approach:

Cut the taxes Ned Lamont raised on Small Businesses

  • Sales tax on safety equipment and PPE
  • Tax on food and restaurants
  • Diesel fuel tax
  • Truck tax / Highway Use Tax
  • $400 Million Unemployment Tax
  • $53 Million back from restored pass-through entity tax

Foster A Healthy Business Climate

  • Restore and expand the R&D tax credit system 
  • Eliminate small business filing fees that Ned Lamont quadrupled
  • Reform costly state programs and regulatory burdens 
  • Invest in workforce development 
  • Streamline economic development websites and virtual entry points to be more user friendly
  • CT FAST FUNDS PROGRAM: Enable local community banks manage the applications and funding

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