Stefanowski Speaks Out on Project Veritas

August 31, 2022

Branford, CT– Bob Stefanowski, candidate for governor of Connecticut released the following statement in reaction to the interviews shared by Project Veritas with an Assistant Principal at Greenwich Public Schools:

“I am deeply troubled and, frankly, angry about what I heard on the tapes released yesterday, where a Greenwich School District Assistant Principal bragged about purposefully hiring teachers who indoctrinate young students, denigrating Catholics and other people of faith, and threatening to blackball teachers who don’t subscribe to radical ‘woke’ ideology.  

The Greenwich School District is right to suspend this individual and launch an investigation. If this person is found guilty of violating state anti-discrimination laws, it is my hope that he is fully prosecuted and never sees the inside of a classroom again. I challenge Governor Lamont to speak out and denounce this kind of garbage in our schools immediately, even if it offends his far-left base. When I’m governor, this radical behavior in our public schools will not stand,” said Stefanowski.