Stefanowski reacts to CT Dems Calling Parental Bill of Rights “Extreme”

September 7, 2022

Branford, CT – Bob Stefanowski, candidate for governor of Connecticut, responds to the Connecticut Democratic Party’s reaction to the Stefanowski-Devlin Parental Bill of Rights.

“Yesterday, Ned Lamont’s CT Democratic Party called me ‘beyond extreme’ because I want to empower parents, ensure age-appropriate sex ed curriculum, and believe biological males competing against girls in high school sports is unfair and unsafe.

The reality is my positions have broad public support and Gov. Lamont knows it, which is why he’s hiding.

So, I’ll ask him again directly: Gov, why do you stand with your state party? Why do you support blocking school choice for parents? Why do you support mature sex ed topics being taught to young children? Why do you support biological males competing against girls in high school sports?

You owe your constituents answers, not more name calling,” said Stefanowski.