Stefanowski Calls on Lamont to Speak Out on Anti-Police Statements

September 26, 2022

Branford – On a radio interview last Friday, CT Democrat House Candidate Christine Maine accused men of wanting to be police officers so they can “beat people up with impunity”, “have sex because the uniform attracted women” and “wanted to speed.”

Bob Stefanowski, Republican Candidate for Governor of Connecticut, immediately decried the statement stating, “I find it incredibly disturbing that any candidate for public office, when asked about ideas for improving enrollment and interest in joining the police force, would offer this crass and unsubstantiated generalization about police officers. The opinions of Connecticut Democrats and our sitting Governor have been laid bare once again. I find it even more disappointing that Governor Lamont refuses to speak out against these statements and support law enforcement.”

Just two years ago, 97% of Connecticut State Troopers formally voted to issue a statement that they have no confidence in the leadership of Ned Lamont. This year, Governor Lamont said he was “proud” to have the endorsement of the extreme Working Families Party who openly advocate for defunding police. And to make it all worse, his own Lieutenant Governor, Susan Bysiewicz showed support for Christine Maine by recently headlining an event for her election.

Stefanowski continued, “By refusing to speak out against the sickening statements of Christine Maine, Governor Lamont has once again proven that he is soft on crime and anti-police. This stops under my administration. We will hold any bad actors fully accountable. But the 99% of police officers who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us will receive our absolute support and respect.

We will bring back qualified immunity for law enforcement that Governor Lamont took away with his Police Accountability Bill. We will allocate funding to refill the ranks of police forces across the state, starting with State Troopers who are down 400 officers from their peak. We will stop the cycle of uncontrollable crime since Governor Lamont came into office. And we will keep the people of Connecticut safe – on the street and in the home, from the cities to the suburbs.”

“I urge Governor Lamont to show his support to law enforcement by condemning Christine Maine’s statements immediately, revoking his endorsement from the working families party and calling a special session to reverse the portions of the police accountability bill that decimated police forces across the state and put our residents at risk,” said Stefanowski.