Bob Stefanowski Sets the Record Straight on Role in International Green Energy Project

October 12, 2022

Challenges Lamont’s hypocrisy on ignoring leading Democrats who have also endorsed the project, including the Biden Administration.

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BRANFORD – Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, releases the following:

Several years ago, I formed a consulting business focused on providing merger and acquisition advice to companies around the globe. With each one of these clients, I sign a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) that protects their confidentiality – this is particularly important in mergers of public companies where the stock price could be impacted if the information became available.

I take all my commitments very seriously – and despite repeated requests from the press, I have to date been unable to provide any information. However, given this morning’s Hearst CT Insider article, I requested and received permission from my client to stretch the bounds of my non-disclosure agreement and share more details. 

The consulting work referenced in the article relates to my work on one of the most significant developing technologies to eradicate global warming – green hydrogen. Air Products, Inc. based in Allentown, Pennsylvania has teamed up with two Saudi companies – ACWA Power and NEOM to build the largest green hydrogen facility in the world.

The plant will be located in the Middle East as the unique combination of the sun during the day and wind at night provides the most effective conditions for renewable energy in the world. 

This project has been endorsed at the highest levels of the United States government, with specific endorsement from former U.S. Senator and President Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry who stated: “Saudi Arabia has defined a project [NEOM Green Hydrogen Company] of great interest, great possibility. Now it remains to implement it and we intend to work with Saudi Arabia to make sure that happens…. We’re all in this together. No one nation can solve the problem of the climate crisis. It’s physically impossible.”

ARTICLE Saudi Arabia ‘deeply involved’ in shift to renewable energy, says Kerry

Many American corporations including Boeing, Lockheed Martin (selling Sikorsky Helicopters), GM, Ford, Uber, WeWork, GE, Amazon, Apple, Domino’s, and even Starbucks are already operating, seeking to operate or have financial ties with Saudi Arabia. In addition, every major consulting firm from McKinsey to Boston Consulting Group are doing work in country.

Serious people in business and government realize the stark reality that we live in a global economy and that when it comes to climate change and the future of green energy, we are truly all in this together, despite our differences and disagreements on culture, religion, and morality. The only way to bring about positive change is through engagement, not isolation.

As our race intensifies in the closing weeks, Governor Lamont will turn this into a desperate political attack. The governor should be asked to explain how he reconciles his attacks on me over this project with his praise for others who support it, like President Biden, John Kerry, and other close personal friends and associates of his who call Connecticut home.

Further, I have now provided more transparency to voters than any governor or candidate for governor in decades. Governor Lamont should follow. To date, while Governor Lamont is largely self-funding his campaign with personal wealth, he has continued to hide critical information about the sources of that wealth from the public view including:

·      His 2021 tax return

·      Profits made on Sema4 – a $26 million, taxpayer-funded, no-bid contract the governor

     awarded to his own family.

In closing, when I am elected governor, I will use my experience to accelerate Connecticut’s efforts to a national and global leader in revolutionizing renewable energy globally and create the jobs and economic investment we are desperately lacking under the current Administration. And I will continue my policy of full disclosure to the residents of Connecticut.