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Bob Stefanowski Statement on Roe. vs. Wade

May 11, 2022

The unauthorized leak of a draft Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade, has resulted in a renewed discussion on the critical and intensely personal issue of abortion across our country.

While discussions in many states will likely continue over the summer, it is important for Connecticut residents to remember that the right to an abortion was codified into Connecticut state law over 30 years ago and regardless of what the Supreme Court decides this right will remain in effect in our state.

Further, under no circumstances will I as Governor attempt to change the existing law. A woman’s right to choose has been, is, and will remain codified in Connecticut State Law, including Connecticut’s ban on late term abortions – except in the case where the mother’s health is at risk.

Governor Lamont should clarify his position on attempts by Democrats in Washington to eliminate any restrictions whatsoever on abortions, including allowing the termination of a pregnancy up to the moment of birth, without exception. The vast majority of people in Connecticut find this to be extreme and I agree.

Does Governor Lamont support abortion right up to the moment of birth? Voters deserve to know.

Does Governor Lamont support thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-olds seeking an abortion without the knowledge of a parent or guardian? Voters deserve to know.

Consistent with the majority of other states, Connecticut should consider a parental notification requirement for minors under sixteen seeking an abortion, except in the case of rape or incest. This requirement is already in place for most medical procedures performed on minors and abortion should be no exception.

As your Governor, I will do everything in my power to ensure that as a state we support and care for women facing these difficult decisions, and when chosen, abortions are safe and legal.

Conn. Republicans pick Stefanowski for governor

May 9, 2022


by: Dennis House

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. (WTNH) — With Election Day just about six months away, Connecticut Republicans kicked off their two-day convention Friday at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket.

Connecticut Republicans endorsed businessman Bob Stefanowski as their candidate for governor on Friday night. He was the party’s 2018 candidate but lost to Democrat Ned Lamont in a three-way race.

Stefanowski, 59, overwhelmingly won the GOP’s backing on Friday.

“We did it,” Stefanowski told the cheering crowd in the Premier Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino. “What a difference four years makes. People are going to vote for a new vision, a change in the way we do things.”

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Connecticut Republicans begin election season at convention

May 9, 2022

Fox 61

By Elisha Machado

Republicans endorsed Bob Stefanowski as the nominee for governor.

LEDYARD, Conn. — Delegates descended on Foxwoods Resort Casino for the Connecticut Republican Party State Convention Friday night.

The evening kicked off with Bob Stefanowski receiving the state Republican Party’s endorsement for governor of Connecticut. 

Stefanowski received 97% of delegate votes with a total of 1130 votes over businesswoman Susan Patricelli Regan who received 36 votes. 

This is his second run for Governor after losing to Governor Ned Lamont in a close race back in 2018.

“The people of Connecticut are so ready for change. They are looking for leadership. Leaders that aren’t afraid to take action, that will listen to the people and that will hold our government accountable and that’s what Bob and I will bring to the state.,” said Rep. Laura Devlin., the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor.

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Stefanowski Clinches Republican Nomination In Landslide

May 9, 2022

CT News Junkie

by Christine Stuart

“What a difference four years makes,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski said in accepting the Republican nomination Friday. 

In 2018, Stefanowski came to the convention and hosted a party, but skipped the nominating process and petitioned his way onto the ballot. Then he surprised the party establishment by winning the Republican primary that year. 

That year, Gov. Ned Lamont bested Stefanowski by 44,372 votes. Stefanowski ran on a narrow platform to eliminate the state income tax. This time, he said he will campaign on a broader spectrum of issues. 

This year he easily won the backing of the 1,159 delegates who gathered in a ballroom at Foxwoods Casino. Susan Regan’s name was entered into nomination requiring a vote of all the delegates, but Stefanowski won the nomination by a landslide with Stefanowski winning 96.9% of the vote and Regan receiving 3.09%.

Over the past three years, Stefanowski has criss-crossed the state making the connections necessary to win the support of the party. When the pandemic broke out and no one could find a surgical mask, Stefanowski was able to secure millions with his own money and began handing them out to the public. 

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Stefanowski, Devlin Accept Republican Nomination

May 9, 2022

Branford, CT– Bob Stefanowski, Republican candidate for Governor of Connecticut, and State Representative Laura Devlin of Fairfield, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, accept Republican nomination for Governor and Lt. Governor:  

“This is just the beginning of what has already been an exciting campaign. We’ve been all over Connecticut talking with people about our vision for our great state: making it easier for people to make a life here, harder for politicians and insiders to take advantage of taxpayers and safer for all our communities,” said Stefanowski. 

“Too often one-Party control of state government, leaves the people out, but keeps the insiders in. I’m excited that for the next six months we’re going to be able to get to every town and talk with people about what matters to them, so that we can hit the ground running in January,” said Devlin.