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Stefanowski Campaign Releases Video: “Extreme”

September 30, 2022

Branford, CT– The Bob for Governor campaign releases a new campaign ad: 

“Ned Lamont and his Washington, D.C. allies have been spending millions of dollars to lie about my position on abortion and my plans to help make Connecticut a more affordable and safe place to live, work, start a business, or retire. Ned has failed to make our state better, and now he’s lying to save his job. 

The truth is that the only thing ‘extreme’ about me is my dedication to this state and my belief that we need a new direction to save it,” said Stefanowski. 

The video can be watched here:

WATCH: NBC & Telemundo Connecticut Forum

September 30, 2022

Subsidies in the wake of Record State Surplus.

September 30, 2022

Branford – Yesterday, Bob Stefanowski, Republican Candidate for Governor of Connecticut spent the day sharing his pro-business and pro-economy plan with several Chambers of Commerce and joining with law enforcement officers and active citizens to outline his plan to improve public safety

That same day, Governor Lamont’s office sent a release touting an insulting and embarrassingly small expansion of the state’s food assistance program.

Stefanowski pounced on the announcement stating, “While the governor sits on a $6 billion of money from taxpayers that he doesn’t need, his offer of $31 per month in food assistance to families struggling with food insecurity is an insult to the people of Connecticut.”

Our CT FIRST Plan (Fight Inflation and Reduce State Taxes) provides families with over $2,000 per year by repealing the tax Governor Lamont added on food, reducing the sales tax, and other measures to help residents make ends meet.”

“Growing up in New Haven, I know what it’s like to not be able to make a rent payment or struggle with grocery bills. Governor Lamont inherited hundreds of millions of dollars and clearly has no appreciation for how much people are struggling. I do. And I will help Connecticut residents get by,” said Stefanowski.

Stefanowski Calls on Lamont to Speak Out on Anti-Police Statements

September 26, 2022

Branford – On a radio interview last Friday, CT Democrat House Candidate Christine Maine accused men of wanting to be police officers so they can “beat people up with impunity”, “have sex because the uniform attracted women” and “wanted to speed.”

Bob Stefanowski, Republican Candidate for Governor of Connecticut, immediately decried the statement stating, “I find it incredibly disturbing that any candidate for public office, when asked about ideas for improving enrollment and interest in joining the police force, would offer this crass and unsubstantiated generalization about police officers. The opinions of Connecticut Democrats and our sitting Governor have been laid bare once again. I find it even more disappointing that Governor Lamont refuses to speak out against these statements and support law enforcement.”

Just two years ago, 97% of Connecticut State Troopers formally voted to issue a statement that they have no confidence in the leadership of Ned Lamont. This year, Governor Lamont said he was “proud” to have the endorsement of the extreme Working Families Party who openly advocate for defunding police. And to make it all worse, his own Lieutenant Governor, Susan Bysiewicz showed support for Christine Maine by recently headlining an event for her election.

Stefanowski continued, “By refusing to speak out against the sickening statements of Christine Maine, Governor Lamont has once again proven that he is soft on crime and anti-police. This stops under my administration. We will hold any bad actors fully accountable. But the 99% of police officers who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us will receive our absolute support and respect.

We will bring back qualified immunity for law enforcement that Governor Lamont took away with his Police Accountability Bill. We will allocate funding to refill the ranks of police forces across the state, starting with State Troopers who are down 400 officers from their peak. We will stop the cycle of uncontrollable crime since Governor Lamont came into office. And we will keep the people of Connecticut safe – on the street and in the home, from the cities to the suburbs.”

“I urge Governor Lamont to show his support to law enforcement by condemning Christine Maine’s statements immediately, revoking his endorsement from the working families party and calling a special session to reverse the portions of the police accountability bill that decimated police forces across the state and put our residents at risk,” said Stefanowski.

Stefanowski Campaign Releases Video: “Went Up”

September 15, 2022

Branford, CT– The Bob for Governor campaign releases a new campaign ad: 

“Following four years of Ned Lamont in office, life is less affordable than ever. Costs and fees have risen on Lamont’s watch on everything including your home, your gas, your groceries, your utility bills, and your health insurance. All this combined with historic inflation, it’s clear that we cannot afford four more years of Ned Lamont,” said Stefanowski. 

The video, which highlights how the increased cost of living has impacted CT residents, can be watched here:

Stefanowski & Devlin Announce Parental Bill of Rights

September 6, 2022

Hartford, CT – To coincide with the beginning of the school year, businessman and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski and his Lt. Governor running mate, current State Representative Laura Devlin, today announced a “Parental Bill of Rights” for Connecticut parents and schoolchildren aimed at empowering parents to make decisions for their children, bolstering quality education, investing more state resources in healthier and safer schools, and ensuring protections for competitive fairness and safety for girls in high school sports.

“During the last several years, the pendulum has swung too far against the rights of parents and their ability to make critical decisions for their children in terms of education, healthcare, and the teaching of moral values they hold dear,” said Stefanowski. “As Governor, I am going to reverse that trend and restore parental rights in a significant and meaningful way.”

“Every day I talk to parents who have important questions about their child’s education,” said Devlin. “There needs to be a strong and constant relationship among government, school systems, and the families they serve. Today we are presenting a road map to better balancing that relationship to provide quality education in a healthy and safe environment in partnership with Connecticut families.”

The Stefanowski-Devlin Parental Bill of Rights

-Empowering Parents- 

Let families, not school districts, decide when and how to discuss sensitive sex education issues with young children.  

“We should absolutely promote diversity and acceptance in our schools, but at the same time we should not be teaching age-inappropriate sex-ed curriculum to children not old enough to reliably tie their own shoes.”

Restore parental choice over healthcare decisions for children. 

“Through the COVID pandemic, we learned that there are times when government mandates may be necessary, but also that government decision-making based on politics vs. science makes for bad public policy and distrust. We support science-based decision making and we both believe in the efficacy and safety of vaccines, but we don’t believe that parents should be forced by the government to vaccinate or mask their children without any recourse to object.”

Raise the age for parental consent for social media access and require operators of social media platforms to delete a child’s account at the request of parents.  

“Social media companies are allowed a 24/7 opportunity to impact our children, many of whom are addicted to social media and its many negative influences. Parents deserve every recourse available when trying to protect their children. We will raise the age requiring parental consent in Connecticut from 13 to 16 and give parents more power to control what their children consume online.”

-Quality Education-

Allow school choice and expand access to charter, magnet, and technical schools. Parents and their children should not be locked in failing schools just because of where they live.

“Parents should have options to choose the best education for their children, and no child should have their educational opportunity limited by their zip code. We support funding for public education and believe every child should have the opportunity for a top-rate education in our state. To remedy that, we will join the vast majority of other states in America who aim to provide parents and their children trapped in underperforming public school systems with vouchers and education savings accounts for better educational choices.”

Increase funding for tutoring programs to help combat persistent learning loss in the wake of the pandemic. 

“The Governor and Lt. Governor’s refusal to aggressively address and reverse learning loss in our schools is unacceptable. CT Department of Education data from last year shows that student achievement is still lagging pre-pandemic levels. Despite over 500,000 K-12 students statewide and a $5 billion surplus, the state only made a small fraction available for summer school this year to help kids catch up before this school year began. We will initiate a coordinated statewide effort to identify students who have fallen behind during the pandemic and provide the resources to help them catch up to their peers and get back on track. Options for before school, after school, and during vacation need to be available to families.”

-Safe and Healthy Schools-

Dedicate a portion of the state’s $5 billion surplus to better fortify CT schools, protect our children and train staff. 

“No price tag is too high when it comes to protecting our children from harm. That job is school-wide and begins as a student gets on the bus or starts their walk to school. Our proposal would provide grant funding for every public school system to better fortify their building security and enable the hiring of public safety professionals to provide the protections needed for every school in the state.” 

Ensure the timely improvement state wide school air quality.

Closely monitor the “School Indoor Air Quality Working Group” report (due Jan 2023) and ensure the transparency and urgency of actions taken the State Departments of Administration and Education on school ventilation systems. According to a recent report, only 40 percent of school facilities had central air conditioning for their entire building and only 53 percent had HVAC or high-efficiency boilers no older than their expected useful life.

“The dangerous and unhealthy air quality in a majority of our schools is an outrage. Our children and staff’s health hang in the balance and we will demand information starting on day one to mitigate this statewide issue.”

Ensure the physical safety of all students by prohibiting biological males from competing against girls in high school athletics.  

“Allowing transgender biological males to compete against biological females is inherently unfair to female student-athletes and, moreover, is physically unsafe. We will first try to work with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference to amend their current policy but absent their cooperation, we will work with the state legislature. There are Title 9 protections provided to girls and women, and we are committed to ensuring these protections.”

Stefanowski Speaks Out on Project Veritas

August 31, 2022

Branford, CT– Bob Stefanowski, candidate for governor of Connecticut released the following statement in reaction to the interviews shared by Project Veritas with an Assistant Principal at Greenwich Public Schools:

“I am deeply troubled and, frankly, angry about what I heard on the tapes released yesterday, where a Greenwich School District Assistant Principal bragged about purposefully hiring teachers who indoctrinate young students, denigrating Catholics and other people of faith, and threatening to blackball teachers who don’t subscribe to radical ‘woke’ ideology.  

The Greenwich School District is right to suspend this individual and launch an investigation. If this person is found guilty of violating state anti-discrimination laws, it is my hope that he is fully prosecuted and never sees the inside of a classroom again. I challenge Governor Lamont to speak out and denounce this kind of garbage in our schools immediately, even if it offends his far-left base. When I’m governor, this radical behavior in our public schools will not stand,” said Stefanowski. 

Secretary of the State in Receipt of Legal Communications

August 25, 2022

BRANFORD– Today, the law firm representing the Bob for Governor Committee hand-delivered a letter to the Connecticut Secretary of the State following the improperly handled caucus vote on Tuesday night. 

“Chairman Telesca admitted yesterday that, with the help of Democratic operatives, he violated his own by-laws and made up rules on the spot to deny the Independent Party line to Bob Stefanowski, despite the fact that Stefanowski had more people vote for him than every other candidate running at the caucus, including Mr. Hotaling. Mr. Telesca disenfranchised Independent Party voters who showed up and made a mockery of democracy. Our campaign counsel is taking the appropriate action to challenge this illegal vote and we are confident that when a judge learns the facts, they will overturn it,” said Stefanowski.

Firm Representing Bob Stefanowski Puts Independent Party on Notice

August 24, 2022

BRANFORD– Today, the law firm representing the Bob for Governor Committee sent a legal notice to CT Independent Party Chairman, Michael Telesca. This notice comes as a response to the improperly handled caucus vote on Tuesday night. 

Read the letter HERE.

Stefanowski: Lamont Shows His True Colors with Fringe Party Endorsement

August 17, 2022

Branford, CT– Bob Stefanowski, candidate for governor of Connecticut, released a statement on Ned Lamont receiving the endorsement from the Working Families Party.

“The endorsement of Connecticut’s Working Families Party says a lot more than Lamont cares to admit. Ned has been focused on framing himself as a moderate and is now facing a massive reality check having earned the stamp of approval from a progressive, socialist-leaning organization.

There is a sad irony in the party’s title when the ‘Working Families’ Party has done much more harm than good for Connecticut’s working families, business owners, and middle class. This is the party that has called to defund the police – which is the next, fatal step in the deterioration of Connecticut’s public safety.

I am running for Governor to foster affordability, safety, and independence for every Connecticut resident,” said Stefanowski.