Bob Stefanowski for Governor of Connecticut - Let's Cut Taxes!

Bob's Plans For Connecticut

Learn more about Bob's plans for fixing Connecticut:

A Plan to Rebuild Our Economy

Bob has a detailed, actionable plan to rebuild our economy endorsed by Dr. Arthur Laffer, advisor to Presidents Trump and Reagan.


Plan to Help Small Businesses

Connecticut can once again be a beacon for business. Bob will lower our taxes and reduce our regulatory burden to make people and business want to stay and move here again.


Plan to Modernize Our Infrastructure

Bob’s plan invests in our infrastructure, spurs new construction and will ensure better project selection and planning.


Plan to Keep Retirees

Bob’s plan eliminates the death and gift tax to once again make Connecticut attractive to retirees


Plan to Retain Our Graduates

Bob’s plan will stop job losses and encourage our well educated young adults to stay in Connecticut rather than look to other states to start their careers. Bob will build business, grow our economy and bring in new workers.


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Why Bob Stefanowski?

Because he's not a politician. Bob has spent his life turning around failed businesses. Now Bob is ready to turn around and rebuild Connecticut.

CEO and President | Global Financial Executive | Turnaround Expert

Bob has served as CEO and President of many business units at General Electric

Bob has published books on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and lectures on finance at leading universities

Has 25 years experience executing business turnarounds, direct investment

Member of the McKinsey M&A Advisory Board

Former Chief Financial Officer of UBS Investment Bank, responsible for $500 billion in assets

Participant in the Financial Services Industry Partnership at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Bob has the experience and skills to put Connecticut back in business!