Stronger Connecticut Cities

Stronger Connecticut Cities

People are looking for leadership, not excuses. If rising crime, the highest unemployment in the nation, massive education achievement gaps and lack of affordability are acceptable public policy outcomes, the political system and those who control it have failed.

I’m running for Governor because the status quo is crushing Connecticut’s largest cities and I want to provide a safer environment, a better quality of education, and a more affordable cost of living to return our cities and the rest of the state to prosperity. 

Connecticut’s major cities experienced one of the most violent and deadly years in recent history last year while the people elected to serve these communities largely made excuses and looked the other way. Children afraid to go to school, teenagers committing heinous crimes, parents and community leaders left without the tools to make it stop

We need to make our schools centers of excellence, that serve the whole community and empower students and their parents to achieve their highest potential. If local schools are failing local students, we need to give parents the choice to find a school that works for them. 

Our cities need to be affordable for job creators and residents alike. High unemployment in our largest cities is exacerbated by the high cost of living. We must make our cities compete for residents and employers to grow healthy, sustainable cities that thrive. 

We need to eliminate the economic “cliffs” that limit people from achieving their potential.  We need everyone to know their worth is whatever their dreams are, and we will help them to fulfill those dreams.  We need to let people in our urban centers have “self-determination” defined by their aspirations and not be held back by arbitrary rules.

If we continue with the same policies that have failed our cities and their residents, the outcomes will not change. Connecticut deserves better.