Building CT's Economy
from the bottom up

Fight Inflation

Total Annual Cost: $791 Million

Reduce State Taxes


We will conduct a comprehensive audit of every state government department and agency to identify and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government, and pass a sweeping tax relief plan aimed at reducing the impact of inflation on already overburdened Connecticut taxpayers, while putting the state on course to be more affordable and economically competitive.

Ease the impact of inflation

Deliver Property Tax Relief

Boost Connecticut businesses

Ease the Impact of Inflation by:​

Returning $3 Billion of Connecticut’s Budget Surplus

to residents through a series of targeted tax cuts – including permanent cuts to food, gas, and sales taxes – within the first 100 days of their administration taking office.

Lower Utility Bills

and create a new independent board with community representation that is charged with affordability, accountability, and safety - eliminating the minimum guaranteed return for utility companies and moving to a pay-for-performance model.

Deliver Property Tax Relief by:

Creating Connecticut’s own version of a SALT deduction of

of up to $10,000 by allowing homeowners to deduct their local property taxes on their state income tax returns. Eligibility will be determined by income – up to $200k individually, and $400k jointly.

Boost Connecticut businesses by

Repaying the State’s Obligation on the Unemployment Insurance Fund Loan

with federal pandemic relief funds, instead of passing it on to employers.

Restore the Pass-Through Entity Tax

back to 93% from the Lamont-reduced level

Placing an Immediate Moratorium on all New Mandates

and appointing a blue-ribbon panel to review and eliminate of all current mandates on businesses that are duplicative or not working. (Includes regulations, “Nuisance Taxes,” and fees.)

It's Time
For Change Connecticut