Parents, Teachers & Students

Parents, Teachers & Students

I believe quality education is one of the greatest opportunities that we can provide any child and their family. All Connecticut kids are constitutionally entitled to an equal opportunity to quality education. And parents should absolutely have a say in their children’s education.

I’m running for Governor because we need to get Connecticut schools working for parents, teachers and students. 

My parents worked incredibly hard to make sure my sisters and I were able to thrive in our local schools and have the opportunity to attend college. And the rest was up to us. I have had the opportunity to teach and learn in some of the greatest academic institutions in the world like Cornell, Oxford and Cambridge, but none of that matters if we don’t get the basics right for all of Connecticut students. 

One of the greatest assets in Connecticut has been our local schools. But while some of our schools and students thrive, others are left behind. In order to ensure our children’s future, Connecticut’s school districts should remain local and we should give parents more choice as to where and how their children are educated. Connecticut children should have every opportunity to attend a school that can provide them equal opportunities to their peers.

We need to focus on workforce development – employers are asking for it. While for some kids a four-year college degree is the right path, for others it’s not. We need to add resources to local trade schools and give kids the skill they need to succeed. That’s the only way to make sure that Connecticut and our residents compete for the jobs of the future in a healthy, local economy. Our schools need reform to teach certain basics to create a job training pipeline.