Job Creators & Job Growth

Job Creators & Job Growth

I’m running for Governor to get Connecticut working for you, to grow jobs, and a healthy economy.

Connecticut is home to some of the brightest minds, hardest workers and successful entrepreneurs in the world. We need to roll back Governor Lamont’s job-crushing agenda that hurt small businesses the most. Connecticut’s economy must be built by inspiring people to start small businesses and create jobs in communities across Connecticut.  

We can only grow a strong, healthy economy if we do it from the bottom-up, empowering small business owners and job creators to invest and grow; not by empowering politicians and insiders to make decisions from the top-down that only serve their purposes. 

Right now, small businesses from restaurants to manufacturing can’t find enough workers, while unemployment numbers still lag the rest of the country. We need to focus on workforce development, not only in our schools but across our community as a whole. Connecticut lost around 120,000 jobs in the Great Recession. It has been 10 years and we have only recovered around 90,000 of those jobs. 

Private-sector employment in Connecticut was at 1.38 million in August. New data shows that we are bringing our current employment rate slightly above where it was in January of 2011. Connecticut businesses, especially small businesses are struggling.  

Our state consistently ranks as one of the 5 most expensive for doing businesses. The labor market has been hard hit not only by the pandemic but by onerous, one-size-fits-all policies. 

Imagine the power that small businesses in Connecticut could have, growing our economy from the ground up, if we invested COVID relief funds in our state’s small businesses, who have taken the hardest hit during the pandemic. 

If the Governor funded the unemployment insurance fund it would relieve a $1 billion tax burden on small businesses and immediately grow our economy. 

The Governor says Connecticut has our “mojo back”, he is right if you accept mediocrity as success. 

But I believe we are better than that. I believe Connecticut can come back to lead this nation with one of the top economies in the country. 

Government policies should not hand-pick winners and losers top-down by politicians in state government, but from the bottom up with entrepreneurs and small businesses. From Igor Sikorsky to Charles Goodyear this has been the heritage of Connecticut.