Connecticut safe

I’m running for Governor because residents have a right to feel safe in their homes and communities.

Residents, parents, teachers, community leaders and law enforcement are all concerned about rising crime in Connecticut and have begged Governor Lamont and Democrats to do something about it. Sadly, those cries for help have gone unanswered.


During one of the deadliest years in Connecticut’s cities in recent history last year, the answer from the Governor and Democrat leaders in charge of state government wasn’t to invest in our law enforcement and give them the tools to do their jobs, it was to maintain the status quo. You deserve better.


We need serious reforms to address early intervention and accountability. We need to establish intervening programs for arrests associated with drug and alcohol addictions and help people. Violent and repeat juvenile offenders need to know there are consequences for their actions. The Governor has ignored the pleas of victims, parents, guardians and community leaders. The denial of reality from this Governor has resulted in clear and present danger to the people of Connecticut.


Law enforcement keeps all our communities safe so that they can thrive. We must roll back the broad-brush approach to criminal justice reform that makes it harder for the good officers to do their jobs while ensuring we root out bad cops who give their brothers and sisters in blue a bad name.


Not only is Governor Lamont ignoring residents, parents, victims and community leaders and the violence against young people of color, but he compounds his error by the lack of confidence from his own state police force, with 97% of state troopers expressing zero confidence in his ability to lead them and their refusal to endorse him for re-election.


I will advocate for a holistic approach to reform, not limited to the scope of criminal justice, but all-inclusive. We cannot wish these serious problems away nor can we ignore crime that we either see for ourselves or read about every day. We need local law enforcement, working with parents, and community leaders to tackle rising crime and evaluate their own police departments, and if there are problems, then we work together to fix them.

It's Time
For Change Connecticut