I’m running for Governor because Connecticut needs a reliable, modern and affordable transportation system. 

Connecticut residents already pay some of the most expensive transportation costs in the country and the Governor and Democrat leaders think you ought to pay more. Their proposals through tolls, taxes and fees add more to your already increasing transportation costs. 

Voters took the Governor at his word during the last campaign when he said he wouldn’t toll cars. But within weeks of taking over as Governor, he went back on that promise and proposed adding nearly 82 toll gantries and $1 billion in new costs to commuters to pay for transportation and infrastructure. 

Today, Connecticut residents are paying among the highest gas prices in the country. Public transportation isn’t working for those who need it most. And the only answer from the one-Party in charge is to bankrupt the special transportation fund, take needed funds away from infrastructure while asking residents to pay more.  

Luckily thanks to grassroots supporters and strong-willed Republican lawmakers, the Governor didn’t get his tolls. But he hasn’t given up on adding more costs to residents and businesses and succeeded in passing a new tax on trucks that experts say will add an average cost of $500 to family food budgets that are already out of control. 

I’m going to make sure every penny intended for the Special Transportation Fund is used to improve our transportation and infrastructure. We need to hold true to the promise to taxpayers that we’re going to spend transportation funds on infrastructure, not salary costs and fringe benefits that were moved into the STF to hide those costs from the public. We must prioritize projects based on imminent needs and take a holistic approach to modernize infrastructure in a new commuter environment.