A Plan to Rebuild Our Economy

Bob has a detailed, actionable plan to rebuild our economy endorsed by Dr. Arthur Laffer, advisor to Presidents Trump and Reagan.


Bob’s plan will reduce corporate taxes, income ​​taxes, and eliminate the death tax and gift tax. This will bring real prosperity to individuals and small businesses. Dan Malloy and the career politicians have followed a “tax and spend” policy that has resulted in a $3.5 billion budget deficit, a massively underfunded state pension plan and the worst job growth of any state since the Great Recession. Bob’s plan, endorsed by Dr. Laffer, will get us moving back in the right direction, right now!


Utilizing zero-based budgeting to cut costs, Bob will apply desperately needed discipline to our multibillion-dollar budget, implementing cost saving ideas and more efficient budgeting practices.


Bob isn’t just promising to cut spending and save money, he has a plan to achieve it. Through statewide consolidation and reduction of government agencies, he’ll save the taxpayers millions of dollars every year. With experience as a turnaround expert, he knows that Connecticut is going to need big overhauls in all areas of government. Among his planned reforms, Bob will propose private sector management of the Department of Motor Vehicles–a call echoed by many state lawmakers. Allowing the private sector to handle the Department of Motor Vehicles will mean a more lean and efficient agency that better serves the citizens of Connecticut.