Major Campaign Update

September was a huge success for our campaign!

Bob crushed Ned in the debates and voters throughout the state have embraced our message of cutting taxes and rebuilding Connecticut.

We know this is winning message and so Bob traveled to every corner of our state meeting with voters. He talked to them about their problems and knows how to turn our state around.


We have all heard your requests for more yard signs and now have 15,000 new yard signs available for pickup!

All you need to do is visit by our campaign offices throughout the state so please stop by one today and get your yard sign!



Bob was proud to be endorsed the Connecticut Associated Builders and Contractors. The people who build our homes know what we need to rebuild our state which is why they support Bob.


If you haven’t seen them already, we have new TV ads up that expose the truth about Ned Lamont and his lies.

Please make sure your friends and family don’t believe Ned when he says he will cut taxes or when he falsely attacks Bob for his successful business career.

Ned Lamont Wants Everyone To Pay Higher Taxes

Ned Lamont Profits Off Payday Loan Company


Finally, please consider becoming a volunteer for our campaign if you aren’t one already. We need people in every town to help Bob become our next Governor.

Patrick Truemen
Campaign Manager
Bob For Governor