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Bob Stefanowski

Bob is a distinguished, proven leader. Bob is willing to make the tough decisions, motivate people, drive tangible results and to be held accountable. He has the ability to adapt to change, gain consensus, be decisive and deliver immediate results. Bob leads with a strong set of core values and integrity.


Connecticut needs a Businessman

Here’s My Resume


DFC Global Corp., London, UK, and Philadelphia, PA | 2014 – 2017

Chief Executive Officer

  • Drove a complete restructure of the business, growing profit from $40MM to $145MM in 24 months.
  • Introduced a new set of products to better meet customer needs, driving up overall business activity with significant improvements to customer satisfaction scores.

UBS Investment Bank, London, UK | 2011 – 2014

Chief Financial Officer

  • Hired to restructure the Investment Bank to meet Basel 3 regulatory requirements and improve the company’s return on capital. Grew net income to $1Bn+, improving the bank’s return on equity from 2.4% to 28.7%.
  • Introduced zero based budgeting techniques to reduce operating costs of the Investment Bank by $700 million, 10% of the cost base.

3i Private Equity Group, PLC, London, UK | 2008 – 2011

Chairman and Managing Partner, North America and Asia

  • Responsible for a $1.5Bn global portfolio of investments in a variety of sectors. Board member of Asia Capital Reinsurance (3i’s largest investment in Asia), and Quintiles Healthcare (3i’s largest US investment).

General Electric Company, Fairfield, CT | 1994 – 2007

Division Chief Executive Officer

  • Promoted multiple times to become a top leader in GE, one of the largest companies in the world with 300,000 employees.
  • Elected a Company Officer by the GE Board of Directors.
  • Turned around GE Media Finance from a $100 million loss to profitability in 2 years.

Early Career Experience

  • Brinks, Inc., Stamford & Darien, CT, Manager Internal Audit, 1992-1994
  • Freeman & Mills, Los Angeles, CA, Litigation Consultant, 1989-1990
  • Price Waterhouse, Hartford, CT, Senior Auditor, 1984-1989


Oxford University, Saïd Business School
Visiting Professor of Management Practice since 2012

Cambridge University
Fellow in Finance, and China Advisory Board Member
2009 – Present

Imperial College
Adjunct Professor
2009 – 2011

Yale University
Guest Speaker
2010 – Present

Professional Credentials

Former Practicing:

Masters in Business Administration
Cornell University
Wharton Fellow

Guest Speaker in Leadership & Strategy at Yale, Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Published author on Mergers & Acquisitions


I was born in Connecticut, raised in Connecticut, and worked in Connecticut. I have over 30 years of business experience and I plan on bringing that insight to Hartford. I’ve worked in politically sensitive environments, built consensus, made the tough decisions and led thousands of people and numerous organizations to successful outcomes – and I can do the same for Connecticut!

Here's What Others Have To Say About Bob

“I had the pleasure of working for Bob. I witnessed him negotiate deals, balance risk, stand up for his beliefs and do it with integrity. He is the best person to lead Connecticut.”

- Irene McGeachy, Former Employee, GE

“The best boss I ever had by a mile. Bob led by inspiring others with encouragement and support. A rare leader who made you want to work your butt off for him because you knew he had your back.”

- Chris DeAngelis, Former Employee, GE

“The great state of Connecticut would be fortunate to have Bob as Governor. He is one of the most intelligent and determined people I know. Public Service needs more like him … leadership, honesty, work ethic, integrity, intelligence and proven success.”

- Phil Newmoyer, Former Employee, GE

“Here is a person that not only has the experience, but he does the right thing when no one is watching.”

- Phil Janssen, Neighbor in Madison

“ Very rarely do we find those with exceptional skills, experience and leadership willing to serve the genuine public interests of a nation and her people.”

- Chiluka, Former Student

Friends, please join me in support of Bob Stefanowski for Governor! I believe we need a smart, strong business leader who understands job creation, finance, with strong core values! I own a small business (Robertson Madison) in Madison, relying on job & economic growth in this state in order to succeed, We need someone like Bob Stefanowski as our next Governor! No more life long politicians that talk about problems and then do nothing! We need action!

- Linda Palo, Facebook

I fully support Bob. I have worked with him and have learnt from him as a professional, a friend and a family man. He has the knowledge, the ethical mettle and charisma of a great leader. He is the type o person that will go out of his way to help. I count on him and his expertise to bring the best once in office.

- Luiz F. Fleury, Facebook

I would certainly vote for him with no hesitation if I were a resident of Connecticut! I worked with Bob in the past and believe he will be a great governor! He is a great leader and Connecticut will be in great hands! Good luck, Bob!

- Marcelo Di Lorenzo, Facebook

He’s a good, principled person.

- Caroline Leach, Facebook

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Fiscal Discipline

Bob was born in New Haven, the grandson of Polish immigrants who came to Connecticut in the late 1800s. Bob’s dad worked for the Southern New England Telephone Company and operated the scoreboard at the Yale Bowl for 40 years where Bob worked as a game usher. Bob's mom returned to work so Bob could attend college without having to rely on financial aid. Bob attended Connecticut public schools, graduated from Fairfield University and put himself through a master’s degree in finance at Cornell University. First generation of his family to attend college. Bob learned that success comes from hard work and seizing opportunity.

Financial Leadership

Bob is a proven leader – willing to make the tough decisions, motivate people, drive tangible results and be held accountable. As Chief Financial Officer of UBS Investment Bank, Bob managed $500 billion in assets across 35 countries. Through leadership, determination and fiscal discipline, Bob reduced costs at the bank by over $700 million/10%.

Turnaround Expert

Bob was Chief Executive Officer of several, $100 million-plus divisions of General Electric, driving positive results through innovation, introducing strict budgeting processes, updating technology and hiring great people. As Chief Financial Officer of UBS Investment Bank, Bob transformed the business by simplifying processes and introducing new product strategies to grow revenues.

Family Man

Bob currently resides in Madison with his wife Amy and three daughters.