Plan to Keep Retirees

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Connecticut’s onerous income, sales, gift, and inheritance taxes are driving retirees out of our state at alarming rates. In fact, in the 2015 tax year, Connecticut lost more adjusted gross income from residents deciding to leave than any other state in the country except one.


We lost $1.3 billion in reported adjusted gross income in Connecticut for 2015 alone!


Connecticut is the ONLY state in the country to have BOTH a gift and estate tax.


Under Bob’s leadership, the “death tax” will be removed day one, stemming the outflows of people, jobs and tax revenues from our state.


We will reduce the burden of Connecticut’s state income tax over time making it easier for our retirees to afford to stay in the state they love with their family and friends.


As the articles below show, Connecticut retirees are feeling the pain.

We need to provide a better economic environment for all of our residents: