Growing Connecticut’s economy from the bottom-up

We can only grow a robust and healthy economy if we do it from the bottom-up, empowering small business owners and job creators to invest and grow, not by empowering politicians and insiders to make decisions from the top-down that only serve their purposes.

My Plan to Grow Connecticut’s Small Businesses

Make Connecticut More Affordable for Small Business

  • Restore the pass-through entity tax to 93% – giving small businesses $53 Million back from Ned Lamont’s tax hike
  • Repeal the sales tax on safety equipment and PPE
  • Eliminate Ned Lamont’s tax on food and restaurants
  • Temporarily suspend and implement a long-term cap on the diesel tax – Providing stability and predictability in the market
  • Eliminate Ned Lamont’s truck tax
  • Relieve small businesses of the $400 Million unemployment tax
  • Take on out-of-control utility costs with a new regulatory approach that doesn’t rubber-stamp higher rates

Foster a Healthy Business Climate

  • Restore and expand the R&D tax credit system to attract businesses and promote the private sector
  • Eliminate small business filing fees that Ned Lamont quadrupled
  • Reform costly state programs and regulatory burdens that make it harder for small businesses to create jobs 
  • Invest in workforce development to ensure that everyone has access to the jobs of the future
  • Streamline economic development websites and virtual entry points to be more user friendly
  • CT Fast Funds Program: Unlike big government programs, CT Fast Funds would be run through local community banks. These local community banks would decide who receives loans, and they would manage the applications and funding. 
    • Simplifying the process and cutting red tape.
    • Allowing entrepreneurs to work directly with local banks to achieve their dream.
    • Getting government out of the way!
  • Reform occupational licensing laws for skilled jobs to provide greater opportunities for workers and create more small businesses